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 Pleasant Grove Meatloaf Terrine  (revised)

On two occasions, some seven years past, The Little Woman tasked me to prepare a meat loaf to serve, cold and sliced, at a board meeting of the Friends of Pleasant Grove.  OK, the first time, but I was underwhelmed by the presentation--simply a mound of meatloaf  holding down a bed of lettuce, too broad in the center and too narrow at the ends.  Folks were breaking up the slices to fit their crowded plate. 

Seizing the opportunity to buy yet another pan, I rushed to Sur La Table and brought home a Corvette-yellow Le Creuset Terrine.  Nancy, the clerk asked me, in jest (I'm known there), if I knew what the pan was for.  I said, "ya, pâté en terrine."  She said, "no!  It's really a lasagna-for-two pan!" "Well, I'll be darned.  I didn't know that" said I.

The idea here was to shape and dress up a meatloaf.   Readers might recall the recent article on soppressata salami.  Since I had some of it in the fridge, I proceeded to carefully line the terrine with overlapping slices of soppressata, leaving a good portion as a flap to overlap the top of the  pâté (the flaps don't show up well in the photo). The salami lining also provided a bit of fat to the lean ground sirloin. 

Pleasant Grove Pâté Terrine
Yield:  about 20 slices, more if cold and cut thin
See abbreviations, if needed

  •  1/4 lb   soppressata salami (about 20 thin slices)
  •  1T        EVOO
  •  1           medium yellow onion, diced
  •  2          cloves garlic, pureed
  •  1          jalapeno, roasted, peeled, deseeded, deveined and finely diced (optional)
  •  1t          thyme
  •  1t          S/P each
  •  1t          Dijon mustard 
  •  1t         Worchester sauce
  •   2         dashes Tennessee Sunshine or Tobasco
  •   2          eggs
  •   2 lbs    ground sirloin or a mix with ground pork (room temperature)
  •   1oz      milk or yogurt
  •   3/4C    bread crumbs or Panko (Japanese bread crumb preparation--widely available)
  •  5 sprigs fresh thyme (garnish)

  • 1.   Preheat oven to 350F
    2.   Line the terrine with overlapping slices of soppressata, with a half length hanging 
          over the top rim.  Set aside
    3.   Sauté onions to transparent in the EVOO
    4.   Add the garlic and optional jalapenos and heat briefly 
    5.   Empty the sauté pan into a SSB
    6.   Add the dry seasonings, mustard, Worchester, hot sauce and mix well
    7.   Break the eggs in a prep dish, mix briefly and then add them to the SSB
    8.   Add the sirloin and mix all well by hand
    9.   Add a splash of milk if the mixture appears too dry
    10. Add the bread crumbs or Panko and mix thoroughly, again by hand
    11.  Turn out the  pâté and shape to fit the terrine
    12.  Carefully place the  pâté into the terrine and press to fit into the sides and edges
    13.  Fold the soppressata flaps over the top of the  pâté 
    14.  Cut 2 inch lengths of the thyme sprigs and tuck one end of each sprig under each
           soppressata flap
    15  Bake, uncovered, to 160F inside temperature, about 40 minutes
    16. Let cool before removing the pâté with the sopressata jacket or 
          serve hot or cold in the terrine
    Note  Use a small offset spatula or other very flexible flat blade to work the pâté 
    out of the terrine with the soppressata lining entact--sides and bottom.



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