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Crab Cakes III

CRAB CAKES III  (80mm ring molds=4cakes; 60mm=6 cakes;
40mm=12 cakes)
1 lb            jumbo lump crab meat
1                egg
1 T             Dijon mustard
4 dashes     Tennessee Sunshine
2 T             chopped fresh parsley
1 t              Worchester sauce
S/P             TT
5 T             fresh breadcrumbs or Panko
¼ C            Wondra flour or AP flour
2T              butter or mild EVOO
1.  Pick crab meat over and set aside in colander to drain
2.  Whisk together all but the breadcrumbs, flour and butter in a SSB
3.  Place the crab meat into the sauce and mix by hand
4.  Add bread crumbs and mix gently
5.  Shape cakes into four 80mm or six 60mm ring molds
6.  Chill in fridge at least 30 minutes
7.  OO, heavily dust cakes in molds with flour.
8. One-at-a-time: place mold over the saute pan and carefully push the crab cake into the hot butter.
9. Saute at medium heat for about 4 minutes per side-brown nicely.
10. Serve cakes with Rèmoulade or Wasabi Sauce

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