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American Bison Meets Moroccan Tagine
Remember, the tagine is essentially a Dutch oven for two. Here we have a bison chuck roast with a 'veggie dump' from the fridge. Potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers and a couple old mushrooms.  Over high heat and in a cast iron tagine base, sauté the veggies in EVOO to brown them a little, remove the veggies and then brown the chuck roast, which has been generously seasoned with S/P.  Put the veggies back in, add a tablespoon plus of herbes de Provence, top off with beef broth, BTB, put the lid on and simmer for two hours. The bison was fall-apart tender and delicious.  The veggies were well done and steeped in braising liquid and herbes.  A traditional braised dish, save for the geography of it all.



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