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Fingerling Potatoes and a German Potato Salad

Fingerling potatoes are petite, pricey, tasty and firm. We have here Ruby Crescents, French Fingerlings, Russian Banana and Purple Peruvian--all delightfully weird and perfect for a skin-on potato salad. Read more about these spuds in Schneider's Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini.

German Potato Salad

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I’ve been, of late, constructing salads without mayo: coleslaw for Super Bowl Sunday and now this very tasty potato salad. What with skin-on potatoes , lardons of bacon and cilantro, it’s a winner! Here’s how:

• 2 lbs--fingerling or red potatoes, with skins, cut to bite size
• 8 strips--bacon, cut into 3/4 inch rectangles (“lardons”)
• 1--red onion, diced
• 1t--sugar
• 2T--Dijon mustard
• 3 oz--white wine vinegar
• 1/3--cup cilantro, fresh chopped (or parsley if you can't stand cilantro)
• S/P--about 8 grinds of pepper and quite a lot of salt: 2 teaspoons, for sure)
1. Boil cut potatoes to fork-tender done
2. Reserve ½ cup of the boiling liquid
3. Cut bacon into lardons, fry to crisp then transfer to paper towel
4. Sauté onions in some of the bacon fat to just turning brown—don’t burn
5. Add sugar, WWV and boiling liquid
6. Reduce for a few minutes
7. Transfer the onion mixture to a large bowl
8. Add mustard, salt and ground pepper
9. Add potatoes, bacon lardons and cilantro and toss
10. Taste—it may need more salt. If too dry add a little water
11. Serve warm


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