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Brussels Sprouts: They’re cabbage, so they need help

Brussels sprouts are coming into season, just in time for the
holidays where they make a good side dish. But how to put enough
zing in them to get the grand kids to eat them? Answer? Brown

Here’s how:

1. Trim off the root tips with a sharp knife and remove the loose

2. Steam the sprouts for about 5 minutes

3. Remove the steam colander and sprouts to the sink and hose
down the sprouts with cold water

4. On the counter top, cut each sprout in half (along the root
axis) and set aside

5. Cut a piece of bacon crosswise into lardons and fry all in
a skillet to well done

6. Off heat, leave the bacon and fat in the pan and add about
a teaspoon of EVOO

6. Arrange the halved sprouts, cut side down, as shown in the
first photo

7. Fire up the skillet again to medium high and fry the sprouts
to brown (lift a couple with tongs and take a peek) continue until
they all are well browned

8. When ready, add some salt and freshly ground pepper and then
pour in a generous tablespoon of maple syrup and immediately toss
the sprouts to cover with syrup and oil, as shown in the second

9. Keep very warm until served. Here shown as a side to lamb chops,
cooked sous vide in 144F water for 50 minutes

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