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Rémoulade Sauce: Hold the Mayo . .

Rémoulade is a classic French mayonnaise-based sauce that goes great with soft shell crabs and crab cakes. I always serve it as a side in 2 ounce individual sauce boats. However, sauces based on mayo are heavy, almost cloying and loaded with calories (1 ounce of mayo equals 200 calories, all of it fat).  My standing recipe calls for 4 parts mayo and 3 parts sour cream in an effort to lighten it up. But I have never been all that happy with the sour cream.

Last week it came to me at about 0400 one morning, that crème fraîche (a thick cultured cream) might make a lighter, cleaner tasting base for rémoulade than even the mayo/sour cream combo. Crème fraîche has 110 calories an ounce with 90% fat -- high but lower than mayo. So I made it last night for a soft shell crab dinner for three. In the making, I found that the crème fraîche holds up a well as mayo and far better than sour cream when fussed with.

My guests and I really liked it. Nice texture, lighter taste, not at all cloying--almost bright. Half the calories.

So here we have rémoulade with crème fraîche!

Crème Fraîche Rémoulade Sauce

See abbreviations if needed 
Yield:  4 servings 

  •   1C     crème fraîche
  •   2T     Dijon mustard
  •   2T     capers, drained
  •   2        cornichon (or small gherkins) pickles, very finely diced
  •   2T      fresh parsley, chopped
  •   1T      fresh tarragon, chopped
  •   1.5t     anchovy paste
  •   pepper   TT 
  •   No salt  (anchovy paste and capers are loaded with it)
  •   juice       of 1/2 small lemon, not too much, taste then add

1.  Mix all together, cover and refrigerate 
2.  Serve at room temperature as a side for crab cakes, soft shell crabs or shrimp 


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