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Rescue Dish . . . A Very Good Veggie

I had a very large broccoli bunch that was at the toss-or-cook stage
of creeping whiteness. (BTW, it turns white from the inside out so,
if you see any white on broccoli tops at the market–pass it by.)

So here’s how the rescue op went down:

Cut the broccoli bunch into florettes (a kitchen shears works good
for this). Trim out the over-the-hill white. Slice up two nice shallots
and find a generous tablespoon of drained capors. Dump all this into
the bottom of the pressure cooker (PC). Then add 3/4 cup of chicken
broth, some ground pepper, a teaspoon of fines herbes and two small
pads of butter.

Braise all that at the high pressure setting for two minutes. Wait
till the PC gets to the mark (note in the photo, the second of two red
rings on the center valve of the PC) and only then set the timer. Believe
it or not, it’s all done by then. Vent the PC and, with a strainer,
remove the product to a heated side dish and then pour the braising
liquid into a skillet.

Fire up the skillet to high heat and reduce the braising liquid by
2/3’s (takes time–be patient). Add the braising liquid–now a sauce–to
the broccoli and you’re ready to serve it as a side with, in this instance,
medallions of grilled pork.

Easy and very nice.


1. No fines herbes? Season with another spice combination Mexican or
Italian, or whatever you think might compliment the medley.

2. No PC? Just braise the broccoli medley in a pot (covered) on the
stove top for 10 minutes or so (fork test for doneness).

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