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 Osso Bucco Tagine

For the first time ever, the commissary had veal shanks cut osso buchi.  I should have bought them all to vacuum pack and freeze, but instead settled for a pack of two.  On the way home, I decided to prepare them as we were taught in school (L’Osso Bucco A La Milanaise) but, since there were only two shanks, to braise them in the tagine instead of a Dutch oven.

Earlier, I sang the praises of the Le Creuset Moroccan Tagine and the Pot Roast Tagine.  The tagine is, indeed, a great braising pot for two.  It's fired on the range top where it is easy to get at; the lid can be lifted to inspect progress while cooking or to poke about or add this and that; it braises quickly on very low heart (gas or electric if you're out of dried camel dung); and because of the design of the cover, the tagine produces a wonderfully braised product with all  juices captured.  So here is Osso Bucco Tagine, with no apologies to either the French or the Moroccans.

Osso Bucco Tagine
Yield: 2 servings
See Abbreviations, if needed
·   2          veal shanks (cut osso buchi)
·   ¼ C     flour
·   S/P
·   2T        EVOO
·   14oz     (1 can) beef or chicken broth
·   1          onion, sliced
·   16        pearl onions, peeled
·   2          carrots, peeled and cut bite size 
·   1         garlic clove, pureed
·   sachet  (bag) of BG plus oregano
·   1C       tomato sauce
·   ½ C     white wine
·   1          lemon, zest for garnish
·   ½         lemon, juiced
·   1T        fresh parsley, chopped for garnish

1.  Season shanks with flour and S/P
2.  Brown shanks in EVOO using the cast iron tagine pan
3.  Remove the shanks, add some broth and, using a 
     plastic or wood spatula, loosen the residue formed on the tagine pan 
     while the shanks were browning 
4.  Add some more EVOO and sweat onions, carrots and garlic
5.  Add BG (bouquet garni), tomato sauce, lemon juice and more broth
6.  Add white wine and reduce
7.  Return shanks to pan and arrange veggies around them
8.  Add more broth if necessary to bring the braising liquid level up to 
     ¾ the depth of the tagine pan
9.  BTB, reduce heat to lowest simmer setting
10.  Place the cover on the tagine
11.  Braise the shanks on the stovetop for about two hours until well  done (lift lid and check now and then)
12.  Serve from the pan, garnish the shanks with lemon zest and fresh parsley
13.  Optional: To make a sauce: 
       a)  Remove the shanks and veggies to the serving plates and keep in a warm place
       b)  Remove the BG sachet
       c)  Bring the braising liquid to a brisk boil and reduce the volume by about 
            one-quarter. Taste and season as desired.  Then proceed as in Step 12.

Note:  There will be a little sputtering of braising liquid around the seal as the tagine simmers.




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