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Braised Veal Chops with Yard-Long Beans and Browned Potato Halves

Yard-Long Beans show up in US east coast markets in mid-summer.
They are a year-long staple in China as dau gok and chang dau
and in India as bodi or boonshi where they have been cultivated
for centuries.  They are about 10 to 18 inches long, narrow, more
textured and not as sweet or juicy as other beans but rather more on the
nutty, firm side.  I buy some every summer to stir-fry and then tie
them into pretzel knots for plating—great fun.

They braise well too.

This stovetop dish is quick and easy.  (About 20 minutes prep and
20 minutes fired.)  Use either a Dutch oven or a tagine
as the braising pot.

1.  Veal cooks more quickly than potatoes, so. . . Slice some nice
red- or white-skinned small potatoes in half, add S/P
and sauté them in a Dutch oven or cast iron tagine base, cut side
down, in EVOO, to nicely brown.  Remove them and set aside in a warm

2.  Add a bit more EVOO, season the veal chops with S/P and
sear them, over high heat, to lightly brown–a minute a side, not more.

3.  Reduce the heat to low simmer.  Surround the browned veal
chops with the yard-long beans at the periphery of the pot.  Add the
browned potatoes.  Arrange all nicely.

4.  Add some canned beef broth to a depth of about 3/8th inch.
(If using the tagine, add even less to discourage it from spritzing out
all over the clean stovetop.)

5.  Select a fresh herb from the garden (I used thyme) and place
half dozen whole sprigs on top of the chops.

6.  Cover the pot, check the fire for low simmer and braise until
the chops are done, about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on their thickness.

7.  When done, remove the herb branches, and serve immediately
on heated plates.

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