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Cucumber Coulis

Heavily seasoned dishes, typical of the cuisines of the Mediterranean Levant and India, are often accompanied by light and refreshing relish or sauce side dishes that lend contrast to the spicy food while cooling the palate.  Sweet chutneys, pickles, salads and light sauces and dips serve the purpose.  Here is a coulis, or thick puree, of cucumber and yogurt. 

1           large cucumber, peeled
2           peels of the cucumber skin (for color)
4-6oz   plain yogurt (depending on desired thickness)
1t         salt
1/4t      freshly ground pepper
1/2t      roasted cumin seeds
pinch    cayenne

1.  Peel cucumber (reserve a couple skins), cut lengthwise, deseed with 
     a small spoon and then cut into one inch lengths
2.  Roast cumin seeds in heavy skillet over medium heat until seeds brown and smell toasty (1-3 minutes)
3.  Place all ingredients into a food processor and puree to rough smooth to retain some texture
4.  Remove from processor bowl, taste and adjust seasoning
5.  Serve slightly chilled as a dip with crudités or as a relish to accompany veggie and meat dishes 


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