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Potatoes Ashley 

Sunday night's menu, for a handsome young couple of in-laws (and her name was Ashley), was grilled ribs, steamed and sautéed asparagus and Potatoes Gratinée.    But I forgot to buy garlic and we were low on Reggiano Parmigiano."  So here we have:


Potatoes Ashley
1t         butter
12oz     heavy cream
1T        fines herbes (see note)
4-5       pinches of salt or about 1/2t
4-6       grinds of pepper corns
10oz     Jarlsburg cheese, grated
2           large shallots
4           large white potatoes, unpeeled

1.   Butter a 14x9 or 12x12 inch pan
2.   Mix together the heavy cream, fines herbes and S/P and set aside 
3.   Grate the cheese and set aside
4.   Slice the shallots thinly, break the slices apart and set aside
5.   Slice the potatoes with a mandoline, or a knife, about 3/16" thick 
6.    Immediately, layer sliced potatoes in overlap pattern
       ·   Drizzle on some of the cream mixture (stir often to suspend the herbs and pepper)
       ·   Add a few shallot slices
       ·   Add a sprinkle of grated cheese
7.   Repeat Step 6 for 4 layers or until you run out of potato slices
8.   Cover with foil or parchment paper
9.   Bake at 400F for 20 minutes covered and another 40 to 50 minutes uncovered 
      or until the potatoes are fork tender
10. Hold or serve
Note: Fines Herbes is available in many supermarket spice racks.  It is a combination 
of finely chopped chervil, parsley, chives and tarragon and maybe marjoram and savory.



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