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Rainer Cherry Ice Cream 

The Rainier Cherry, a hybrid, has the highest sugar content of all cherries. They are available on the east coast only in early summer.  They're delicious. 

Rainier Cherry Ice Cream.

Check for abbreviations, if needed
For the cherries:
1/2 C         water
3/4 C         sugar
1 C            pitted and halved Rainier cherries 
For the ice cream batter:
6 oz           regular cream cheese, ambient
1 3/4 C      heavy cream
3/4 C         2% milk
1/2             vanilla bean, split and stripped into the milk (or 1t vanilla extract)

1.  Combine cherries, water and sugar and BTB in heavy sauce pan
2.  Remove from heat and let steep for 30 minutes, then drain the cherries and set 
     aside in the fridge to await Step 12
3.  Discard the steeping syrup
4.  Smooth out and aerate the cream cheese at high speed in a standup or hand mixer
5.  Combine and stir the cream, milk and vanilla and cook over medium heat 
     until the edges bubble, but do not BTB 
6.  Remove the vanilla bean halves
7.  Blend in the vanilla seeds (the black specks tend to bunch) with a whisk or stick blender
8.  With the mixer running at slow speed, drizzle the hot milk mixture into the cream cheese
9.  Strain into a container with a spout, (it's OK to rub the solids through the fine mesh strainer)
10.  Cover and fridge until thoroughly chilled 
11.  When ready, pour into the ice cream maker bowl and churn until thick
12.  Remove bowl from ice cream maker and fold in cherries with a spatula
13.  Transfer ice cream to freezer container and freeze until you can't wait . . .,
       at least four hours

Note:  (This recipe is inspired by a  Bing Cherry Ice Cream recipe in Williams-Sonoma's Ice Cream.) 



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