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Couscous With Diced Veggies, Olives and Cilantro

Couscous is a staple of the Maghreb (southwest littoral of the Mediterranean) and a versatile grain.  It holds up well to all manner
of seasonings and accompaniments. Here is a nice side dish that goes well with lamb, pork, chicken or fish. With pork and chicken, you might add a serving side of unsweetened apple sauce, which compliments both the entrée and the couscous. 

Please make your couscous as I was taught at school by our Algerian
French chef and as described in my basic recipe for Couscous


Yield:  8 servings 

See Abbreviations, if needed

· 10 oz      prepared couscous

· 1 C         plain yogurt

· 1.5 T      RWV

· 1 T         Dijon mustard

· 3 T         EVOO

· 1 C         diced red peppers (or red and yellow)

· 1/2 C      finely diced shallots

· 1/2 C      finely diced carrots

· 1 C         diced calamata olives

· 3/4 C      minced fresh cilantro (or parsley)

· S/P         TT

1.  Prep couscous as per basic recipe and cool

2.  Combine yogurt, RWV and mustard in large stainless steel bowl

3.  Whisk in the EVOO

4.  Add couscous and other ingredients 

5.  Toss to coat

6.  Serve ambient with lamb, pork, chicken or fish

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