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Asian Cucumber Salad

The Little Woman loves cuc’s, especially farm fresh American Picklers,
which are far superior to the tough skin American Slicers that come to
us waxed and shrink wrapped — no thank you.  (See Schneider’s
“Veggies From A-Z” for the real scoop on cucumbers). This salad is a much
more clean crunching and lighter tasting cucumber dish than our cucumber
.   Especially if made with a high quality soy sauce,
such as the spoon-lickin-good  Ohara Hisakichi
Shouten Soy Sauce
, or something like it.

The cucumbers for this salad may be peeled or partially peeled to look
inviting, as shown above.  Then sliced in half lengthwise, scooped
out and cut into slices 3/8″ thick or less. (Use a mandoline if paper thin
slices are preferred).

Asian Cucumber Salad

Yield:  10 or more servings, as a side dish

See Abbreviations, if needed

3/4 C        “seasoned” rice vinegar

1 C           water

1 T           sugar

1.5 T        soy sauce, high quality
(use 1T if Kikkoman is all you have)

1 t
sesame oil (not more)

1/2 t          fresh ground

cucumbers, of the short and thick variety

2 T
sesame seeds, black or white, toasted

1.  Whisk together all the ingredients except the cucumbers and
sesame seeds

2.  Peel or stripe the cucumbers

3.  Slice cucumbers in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds and
then cut into 3/8-inch slices

(use a mandoline to cut paper thin slices,
if preferred)

4.  Toss the sesame seeds in a dry, very hot, pan until they smell
toasty – a minute of less (watch it!)

Immediately transfer them from the hot pan
to a cool container and set aside

5.  Combine sliced cucumbers and the dressing

6.  Cover and chill

7.  Add the sesame seeds before serving

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