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Gathered here are books and magazines read, consulted and referred to by the GeezerGourmet.  It is updated from time to time. 

Aftel, Mandy and Patterson, Daniel.  Aroma. Artisan, 2004 (See profile) 
Applied Food Service Sanitation.  The Educational Foundation of the National 
           Restaurant Association.  4th Edition, 1995 (The Food Service Manager 
Ash, John. Culinary Birds. Running Press, 2013 (See profile)
Bayless, Rick.  Mexico One Plate at a Time.  Scribner, 2000 
Beard, James.  Theory & Practice of Good Cooking.  Alfred Knopf, 1977 (Still in print 
           and still the best first cookbook.) 
_____.  Treasury of Outdoor Cooking.  Ridge Pess/Golden Press, 1960 (Beautiful 
           artwork.  Now a collectable.) 
Bourdain, Anthony.  Kitchen Confidential.  Bloomsberry, 2000 
Brenner, Leslie.  The Fourth Star.  Clarkson Potter, 2002 (See profile) 
Byres, Tim. SMOKE New Firewood Cooking. Rizzoli International Publications, 2012 (See profile)
Bottura, Massimo. Never Trust A skinny Chef. 2014 (See profile)
Chang, David and Peter Meehan. Momofuku. Clarkson Potter, 2009 (See profile)
Child, Julia.  The Way to Cook.  Alfred A. Knopf, 1989 (More user friendly than her 
           older books.) 
Chonko, Jon. Sandwiches. PowerHouse Books, 2011
Corriher, Shirley.  Cookwise, The Hows & Whys of Successful Cooking. William 
           Morrow, 1997 (See profile.  This book is worth buying.) 
Dalquist, Dorothy.  Bundt Classics.  Nordic Ware, 2003 (See profile) 
Davidson, Alan.  The Oxford Companion to Food.  1999  (An eccentric's tour de force, 
           erudite but eclectic.  Glad I have it, but . . .) 
De Vita, Orerra and FAnt, Maureen. Pasta The Italian Way Sauces & Shapes. W.W.Norton, 2013 (See profile)
Dornenburg, Andrew & Page, Karen.  Culinary Artistry.  Van Norstrand Reinhold, 1996 
           (Useful tables for the professional.) 
Douglas, Tom. I Love Crab Cakes. William Morrow/Harper Collins, 2006 (See profile)
Fearney-Whitingstall, Hugh. The River Cottage Meat Book. Ten Speed Press, 2004, 2007 (See profile)
Fisher. M.F.K.  The Art of Eating.  Macmillan, 1954  (Update May 2004:  A new paperback is out to mark its 50th anniversary) 
Helou, Anissa.  Mediterranean Street Food.  Harper Collins, 2002 (See profile) 
Hemphill, Ian. The Spice and Herb Bible. 2nd Edition. Robert Rose, 2006 (See profile)
Herbst, Sharon Tyler.  Food Lover’s Companion. 4th edition. Barron’s Educational 
           Series, 2007 (Very useful and comprehensive.  It has become the standard 
           spelling reference of culinary terms.)
Hesler, Amanda, The Essential New York Times Cookbook. W.W. Norton, 2010 (See profile)
Hibler, Janie.  Wild About Game.  Broadway/Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1998 
Jaffrey, Madhur.  An Invitation to Indian Cooking.  Vintage Books, 1973 
_____.  From Curries to Kebabs, Recipes from the Indian Spice Trail. Clarkson Potter, 2003 
             (See profile) 
IBM, Cognitive Cooking Witrh Chef Watson. Sourcebooks, 2015 (see profile)
Joachim, David and Schloss, Andrew. The Science of Good Food. Robert Rose, 2008 (See profile)
Kamman, Madeleine.  The New Making of a Cook. William Morrow, 1997. (A very 
           good textbook.) 
Kapoor, Sybil.  Taste, a New Way to Cook. Whitecap Books, 2003 (See profile) 
Keller, Thomas.  The French Laundry Cookbook. Artison/Workman Publishing, 1999 
           (A beautiful coffee table book with good commentary on procedures, but with 
           difficult recipes. IACP's Cookbook of the Year for 2000.) 
Killeen, Johanne and Germon, George. On Top of Spaghetti. William Morrow, 2006
Kimball, Christopher, Editor.  Cook’s Illustrated.  (a magazine and Web site--have to 
           pay for each-- with high credibility in that they test through and don't take ads, 
           though they have more than enough of their own.) 
Krasner, Deborah.  The Flavors of Olive Oil, A Tasting Guide and Cookbook. 
           Simon  & Shuster, 2002 (See profile)
______, Good Meat The Complete Guide to Sourcing and Cooking Sustainable Meat. Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2010 (See profile)
Kohn, Phyllis. The Best Fryer Cookbook Ever.  Harper Collins, 1998
Kuh, Patric.  The Last Days of Haute Cuisine.  Viking Press, 2001 (See profile) 
Kurlansky, Mark.  Salt, A World History.  Walker Publishing, 2002, Penguin Books, 
           2003 (See profile) 
Labensky and Hause.  On Cooking. 2nd Edition. Prentice Hall, 1999. (The textbook at 
           L' Academie de Cuisine.) 
Lopez-Alt, J. Kenji. The Food Lab. W. W. Norton, 2015. (see profile)
Mallman, Francis. Seven Fires, Grilling the Argentine Way. Artisan, 2009 (See profile)
McClane, A.J.  The Encyclopedia of Fish and Cookery.  Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 
            1977 (A classic.  Still in print, I believe.) 
McGee, Harold.  On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen,
           Completely Revised and Updated. Scribners, 1984, 2004  (See profile) 
 _____. The Curious Cook, More Kitchen Science and Lore.  Macmillan, 1990
  _____. Keys to Good Cooking A Guide to Making the Best of Foods and Recipes. Penguin Press, 2010 (See profile)
Meat Buyers Guide, The.  North American Meat Processors Association, 1997 
Montagné, Prosper.  Larousse Gastronomique. Crown, 1961 (I like my old edition 
Mueller, Tom. Extra Virginity, the Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil. W.W Norton, 2112 (See profile)
Myhrvold, Nathan. Modernist Cuisine, The Art and Science of Cooking. The Cooking Lab, 2011
_______. Modernist Cuisine at Home. The Cooking Lab, 2012
M'Souli, Hassan.  Moroccan Modern. Interlink Books, 2006 (See Profile)
O'Connell, Patrick.  Refined American Cuisine.  Bulfinch Press, 2004 (See profile) 
O'Neil, Molly (ed.).  American Food Writing. Literary Classics of the United States, 
            2007 (See profile) 
Parsons, Russ.  How to Read a French Fry, and Other Stories of Intriguing Kitchen
            Science.   Houghton Mifflin, 2001 
Pepin, Jacques.  La Technique.  Quadrangle NYT Book Co, 1976.  Wallaby Pocket Books, 1978
Pellaprat, Henri-Paul.  Modern French Culinary Art.  World Publishing, 1966 (A classic 
             with great photographs.) 
Pernot, Guillermo and Aliza Green, ¡Ceviche!. Running Press, 2001 (See profile.) 
Peterson, James.  Fish & Shellfish.  William Morrow, 1996 (His books are very good.) 
_______.  Sauces.  2nd edition.  John Wiley & Sons, 1998 
Pollan, Michael. Omnivore's Dilemma. Penguin Press, 2006 (See profile)
____ .  In Defense of Food. Penguin Press, 2008 (See profile)
Pollinger, Ben. School of Fish. Gallery Books, 2014 (See profile)
Purviance, Jamie.  Weber's Way To Grill, The Step-by-Step Guide To Expert Grilling.
               Sunset Books, 2008 (See profile).
Reichl, Ruth (ed.).  The Gourmet Cookbook.  Conde Nast Publications, 2004 (See profile) 
Saulnier, Louis.  Le Répertoire de La Cuisine.  Barron’s Educational Series, 1976 
             (The original "cheat sheet." Every chef has a copy.) 
Schlosser, Eric.  Fast Food Nation.  Houghton Mifflin, 2001 
Schneider, Elizabeth.  Uncommon Fruits & Vegetables.  William Morrow, 1986 
             (Useful reference) 
_______.  Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini.  William Morrow, 2001 
             (See profile) 
Smith, Andrew F. (ed).  The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America.  Volumes 1 and 2. 
          Oxford University Press, 2004 (Christmas present 2004, probably for pro's only.) 
Stevens, Molly.  All About Braising: The Art of Uncomplicated Cooking.  Norton & Co, 2004 (See profile) 
Thorne, John and Matt Lewis.  Pot on the Fire.  North Point Press, 2000 
Tramonto, Rick.  amuse-bouche.  Random House, 2002 (See profile)
Weinzweig, Ari.  Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating.  Houghton Mifflin, 2003 (See profile) 
Willan, Anne.  LaVarenne Pratique.  Crown, 1989 (Good reference and photos.) 
Williams-Sonoma Ice Cream.  Simon and Schuster Source, 2003
Wolfert, Paula.  Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco.  Harper & Row, 
            1973,  Perennial Library, 1987 (A classic.  Now in paperback.) 
________.  The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen.  John Wiley & Sons, 2003 (See profile) 
Wolke, Robert.  What Einstein Told His Cook.  W. W. Norton, 2002 (See profile)
____________. What Einstein Told His Cook 2.  W. W. Norton, 2005 (See profile) 
Wright, Clifford.  A Mediterranean Feast.  William Morrow, 1999 (See profile) 
Yokelson, Lisa.  Baking by Flavor.  John Wiley & Sons, 2002 (See profile) 




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