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Serves 8
•  7 cups    chicken stock or broth (low salt)
•  BG        satchel (parsley stems, pepper corns, thyme and bay leaves)
• 2 lbs      small mussels
•  2 oz      white wine
•  1.5 lbs   sea bass or monkfish, cut to serving size
•  20         medium shrimp
•  ½  lb     squid , cut crosswise for rings
•  10         chicken legs, foot knuckle removed
•  1 lb       chorizo or merguez sausage
•  2           onions, diced
•  5           garlic cloves, pureed
•  2.5 C     medium grain rice (see note)
•  pinch   saffron
•  2 t         sweet paprika     
•  4           tomatoes, diced or 28 oz can
•  ¾ C       peas, frozen OK
•  1 C        atichoke hearts, canned
•  2           red peppers, roasted, square cut bite size
•  ½ C      fresh parsley leaves (garnish)
1.   Preheat oven to 400F
2.   In saucepan, add BG and stock, BTB and hold at simmer
3.   In paella or other large pan, stir fry in seriatim:
      •  monkfish, shrimp and squid
      •  transfer all to a warm place
4.   In another pan, season and sauté chicken and chorizo and finish
      in oven
5.   In paella pan, season and sweat onion and garlic in EVOO
6.   Add rice and coat grains
7.   Add a little stock, then saffron, paprika and diced tomato
8.   Add more stock to total 6. cups (remove BG satchel)
9.   BTB, reduce heat and cook rice for about 6 minutes until rice
       surfaces and spoon leaves trace.
10.  Hold point
11.  OO, cook mussels in white wine and some stock.  Set aside
       and save liquid
12. Off heat,  (allow 10 minutes for this step)
      • stir in artichokes, peas, peppers, shrimp, squid and sausage
      • nicely arrange and push in fish, chicken and mussels
      • add all platter juices and more stock if too dry
13.  Bake uncovered for about 15 minutes
14.  Remove from oven, add boiling water if too dry, reduce on
       stovetop if too moist
15.  Rack and cover for about 10 minutes
16. Uncover and add garnish
17.  Serve from pan with lemon wedges and aioli sides
Notes:  a.  Check (by rubbing) each cut chicken leg for bone chips.
             b. Don’t like short grain rice?  Try medium grain or long grain                   basmati

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