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Patak's Original Tastes of India Condiments

Indian Flavors in Jars

I discovered lamb curry with chutney around 1956 in San Francisco at The India House, an intimate restaurant where the bouquet of exotic spices wafted downwind a hundred yards from the door. I have no idea if its still there, surely the Brown brothers are long departed. 

I don't remember when I discovered Patak’s Original Tastes of India condiments.  The first ones into the pantry were the chutneys, which include hot mango, sweet mango, Major Grey’s, and others.  Over time, I found that Patak condiments could be used as seasonings in Western dishes.  For example, I often broil shrimp marinated in Patak’s Lime Relish, Kashmiri Masala Paste or Mango Pickle and serve them as an appetizer right off the hot broiler pan.  One part Patak, 8-10 parts yogurt and a splash of oil is about right—the stuff is seriously hot.  I also use these flavors and others in peanut oil or sour cream to make marinades, dips, wrap-spreads and salad dressings. 

Patak’s flavors are endless.  Besides those shown, there are many chutneys and a few cooking sauces.  They do not need refrigeration. The product is made in the UK. Gourmet shops charge as high as $5.65 a bottle.  Look for an Indian Spice and Appliance type store in your area and you will find shelves full of the stuff for $3.49 (up a dollar since this article first appeared in 2002).  They have  a Web site at:



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