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A Better Way to Hard Boil Eggs

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Here is a better way to hard boil eggs and to cool and peel them:
(Excerpted from Chicken, Egg and Tuna Salad Spreads)

To hard boil:
·   Place the eggs in a roomy saucepan and fill the pan with cold water to 
    completely cover the eggs
·   Bring to boil over high heat 
·   Simmer for 30 seconds
·   Turn the heat off, cover, and let stand 12 minutes

To cool:
·   Leave the eggs in the pan and drain off the hot water
·   Place the pan, eggs and all, in the sink under running cold water until the water in 
    the pan is cold
·   Let the eggs cool in the cold water bath for 5 minutes

To peel:
·   Drain off the cold water, but leave the eggs in the pan
·   Shake the pan vigorously to crack the eggs
·   Peel eggs under running water

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