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iSi Thermo Whip
When I saw an advertisement for a cream whipper, by iSi, that had an insulated bottle for hot savory products, I had to have it.  The idea here is that this thing not only makes  light and fluffy whipped cream in seconds but hot mousses as well, and keeps a mixture cold in the bottle for eight hours or hot for three hours.  It's called an iSi Thermo Whip and is available at Williams Sonoma (who, by the way, are finally offering a discount to culinary professionals). 

Right out of the box, we followed an iSi recipe and whipped up a Teramisu Cream that was light and foamy.  The following day we made a Lemon Yogurt Cream comprising equal parts of heavy cream and yogurt plus four tablespoons of Lemoncello Liqueur and two packets of Splenda.  This was delicious on leftover ladyfingers, but it did not come out of the whipper stiff and firm. 

Now it was time to make something savory--since I had assured The Little Woman that it was the "only reason I bought the thing."  We decided to do a modified puree of Sweet Potato with Smoked Paprika that was light and airy --an espuma or foam, if you will.  I  made the first batch too stiff with the result that the N2O gas couldn't aerate it.  The result:  sweet potato sludge.  The second batch was made with equal parts pureed sweet potato and half and half cream.  The result:  sweet potato slurpy.  So, I've bought some heavy cream and will use that to see if I can get something to squirt out smooth, stiff and airy.  At this juncture, however, The Little Woman appears poised to declare this purchase yet another of "Chic's follies."  Stay tuned, recipes are bound to follow . . .


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