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Cheese Knives 


Two beautiful cheese knives, by Wusthof, that really cut cheese.  The Little Woman has been resisting this purchase for years, since we have a drawer full of cheese knives, all with flimsy blades stuck into fragile porcelain or soft wood handles cast or carved to look like Santa Claus or Bugs Bunny.  I finally came up with a work-around by suggesting I cash in my crock of pennies and nickels to pay for them.  OK.

Having placed the order for the knives with, I rushed to the bank with a poke of coins that weighed at least ten pounds.  It took all of five minutes to pour them into the counting machine: 1800 pennies, 450 nickels, and an assortment of dimes and quarters.  The grand total was impressive but a little short of the target.  The coins almost paid for one of them, though! I mean, after all, I've been waiting a long time for these knives.  Watching the mail box . . . 

Update:  Well, here they are.  As you can see in the photo, these are real knives.  Each is hand forged from 1/8 inch stock with a blade thickness of 1/16 inch and a length of 5 inches.  Overall length is nearly 10 inches and they weigh about 4 ounces each.

Both knives are well designed to the task. The one on the left is for hard cheeses and has been in the Wusthof inventory for a long time. The knife on the right, for soft cheeses, is new. The holes in the blade greatly reduce the friction and stickiness of soft cheeses. No other knife in my inventory can cut thin slices of soft cheeses cleanly. We found that it works as well on gooey cakes, too.  So the holes work and in the bargain make this knife quite distinctive and attractive (it certainly caught my attention). 

Are these knives too large and industrial to fit on a cheese board and place on the coffee table for guests to use? So far, no problem.  We find they are very attractive, very comfortable in the hand and a pleasure to use.

The Little Woman approves.



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