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The Oval Fish Fry Pan, At Last


I favor heavy copper copper pots and pans: pots lined with tin and pans lined with stainless steel (a matter of cost).  For years, The Little Woman and I have gone back and forth over my desire to get an oval fish fry pan. Reservations being (and I agree) that it is not very versatile, it's two feet long and heavy enough to strain the hanging pot rack. But, it's designed to quick fry sole, turbot, catfish, trout and other thin fish filets.  No pan does it better if you know how to use it.

Prep the filets with S/P, flour and maybe an egg wash topped with Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) for the catfish and trout , add EVOO or peanut oil to the pan, heat the oil to hot, slip in the fish fillet, swish it about for a couple minutes, flip it, do the other side and slide it onto a heated plate. You can then dress the fish with a little lemon butter and a some capers thrown in.  Simple, elegant.

This pan is made in France by Bourgeat now owned by Matfer, a large French kitchen and bakery equipment company. Bourgeat is also featured in my article on the hybrid chef's pan or evaseé. Knife Merchant carries them at a good price, but be prepared for sticker shock. Text


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