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KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker 
The KitchenAid people have come out with an ice cream maker attachment that fits all of their standup mixers.  It's comprised of a paddle (called a "dasher" in ice cream speak) and a sturdy double 
walled work bowl with a freezable solution within the walls .  It costs about $90US.  The idea is to freeze the work bowl, clip it into the mixer, pour in the ice cream batter and then churn away for 20 minutes.  If you already have a KitchenAid mixer, the advantage is that you have its strong motor working for you. It churns up a quart of ice cream without a strain.  We've made three batches of ice cream since getting it a couple weeks ago, including a heavy coffee Heath Bar crunch, and are very pleased with the results. Since we have the space, the work bowl is stored in a freezer--ready to use.  Recipes for home made ice cream abound.  We got a copy of Williams-Sonoma's ice cream book to use for inspiration. Ice cream "batter" is really "custard" or "Creme Anglaise."  That is, a cooked mixture of cream, sugar and eggs.  If you haven't made it for awhile you'll have to refresh your skills to avoid fatal separation or curdling.  The tricks are a heavy pan, medium heat, lots of stirring and getting the pan off the fire when the custard makes a nice spoon trace and reaches 175F.  Then strain and cool thoroughly before starting the churning process.



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