Stove-Top Smoker 

There is an outfit in Colorado Springs that makes a smoker that is compact
and convenient.  (In contrast to the huge backyard smokers that take
on life’s work proportions.)  It’s about the size of a large, deep
cake pan (photo). They now made a smaller size, as well.

It has four stainless steel parts:  the pan where proprietary “wood chips”
(in the white plastic container) are placed by the tablespoon; a drip tray
that rests over the wood chips; a rack that holds the product to be smoked;
and a cover that slides tightly over the pan to seal in the smoke.
The smoker comes with a sampling of wood chips and the company, Camerons,
makes nine varieties—from Alder (for salmon) to Oak (for sausage).
Very little smoke escapes the pan when fired on top of the stove due to
the special cut of the wood chips, which are so fine that they should be
called wood dust.

Most fish, meat,chicken and veggies are smoked in 10 minutes-a-pound.
I bought one a couple of years ago so that I could smoke tomatoes for a
favorite soup.  It works great and comes with a 24-page manual with
good instructions and lots of good recipes.  Sur La Table and La Cuisine
carry it.

They have a web site at “”

For the soup, go to Smoked Tomato Soup.

Also try the Smoked Salmon.

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