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FireWire--Flexible Skewer
While shopping for a smoker, we came across some grilling skewers made of  3/32" stainless steel pre-formed cable. They have a loop on one end and a fixed probe on the other.  With meat and veggies strung on the cable, the loaded cable can be dangled, loop-side-down, and formed to fit onto the grill any which way that works best, straight out, serpentine or circled--with the probe end extended over the edge of the grill grate, if you wish. Since stainless steel is non-reactive, raw product, skewer and all, can be marinated if you are using only one marinade for both veggies and meat (not to my liking). They are really long--30 inches! Sufficient to load enough food for two on each skewer.  Manufactured by Inno-Labs (, the FireWire won a kitchen accessory award last year. Big Green Egg vendors have them and others too. Preformed cable is expensive--the skewers are $20 the pair. But neato!


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