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Cranberries  Meet Mexico

Here is a cranberry side dish with more depth and complexity than the usual sugar and orange-dominated cranberry sauce.  To make this come out balanced (we have strong ingredients here), reserve, at Step 3, half of the diced jalapeno, some chopped cilantro and half of the lime/orange juice.  At Step 4:  taste what you have, add a little of this reserve or a little of that reserve, and simmer.  Repeat until the salsa is perfect.  Serve at room

See Abbreviations, if needed

•   24oz    (2 packages, about 6 cups) washed and sorted

•   1          jalapeno chili pepper, roasted, peeled, seeds removed,
deveined and finely diced.

•   ¼C     chopped fresh cilantro

•   3         juice of 3 limes or lime/orange juice (half and half)

•   1C      sugar

•   1t        salt

•   ½ t      pepper

•   3         shallots or spring onions (green part only), small

1. Cook the cranberries in 2C of water for about 5 minutes or until they pop

2. Drain

3. Stir in the other ingredients and simmer briefly

4. Taste for heat, tartness and balance (don’t drive out all other tastes
with the cilantro or jalapeno)

5. Return to simmer briefly

6. Cool and refrigerate

Note:  Wear gloves when handling hot peppers. Or, if not, wash hands afterwards with soap and water and then again with Purell.

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