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Gazpacho, The Other Cold Soup

Two weeks ago, we had vichyssoise, this week the offering is gazpacho.  Easier to make, just as good and, if strained, quite elegant.  This uncooked soup is really a puréed mixture of fresh veggies that are seasoned nicely.  It “cooks” in the fridge overnight!

Remember some of the points made in the previous cold soup recipe:

·   Cold soups should have a thinner consistency than hot soups.

·   Cold soups require more seasoning than hot soups because cold dulls the sense of taste.  It follows, that seasoning should be adjusted only after the soup has  been chilled.

·   Always serve cold soups very cold.  Chill the bowls!

This recipe takes a bit of this and that from the little woman, school and the French Laundry Cookbook.  The balsamic reduction glaze is Chef Killer’s idea.


Yield:  about 8 cups unstrained, 5 cups strained

See Abbreviations, if needed

·    2          chopped red onion

·    2          chopped green pepper

·    1          cucumber, seeded, chopped

·    3          peeled, chopped medium size tomato

·    2          garlic clove, chopped

·    2 t        kosher salt

·    pinch    cayenne, to taste

·    1 T       RWV

·    ¼ C     EVOO

·    1          juice of small lemon

·    3 C      tomato sauce

·    2 t        thyme

·    2 T       chopped cilantro

·    3          radishes, chopped

·    1 C      tomato
juice, as needed to thin the soup

·    S/P      to taste

·               croutons and balsamic reduction glaze

1.  Dice veggies and place in SSB

2.  Add all other ingredients except garnishes

3.  Puree with a stick blender or in a food processor

4.  If chunky thick, add the tomato juice

5.  Chill in fridge overnight

6.  On order, remove from fridge

o   Adjust seasoning

o   As desired, strain ½ to ¾ of the gazpacho, working the pulp through the strainer with a plunger or spoon.  This will remove about 2 to 3 cups of pulp

7.  Recombine strained and unstrained gazpacho

8.  Serve ice cold with garnishes

Note:  To make a balsamic reduction glaze, place a half cup of balsamic vinegar in a

non reactive heavy pan, bring to simmer and reduce slowly until it clings to a spoon.

Dabble a few drops on the soup, along with the croutons, at serving time.

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