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Pot Roast Tagine (REV)

Yield:  4 servings, or 2 servings with leftovers

See the article on the tagine

See Abbreviations, if needed

·    2 lbs       roast of pork or lamb shoulder or beef chuck

·    1 T         EVOO

·    15 oz     chicken stock or canned chicken or beef broth

·    1            large onion, sliced medium thick

·    2            carrots, sliced in like-size pieces

·    1            garlic, pureed

·    8            red potatoes, small to medium size, halved

·    1 bunch asparagus tips

·    4            bay leaves

·                  S/P

1.  Tie the roast, if necessary to hold its shape

2.  Season the roast well with S/P

3.  Place the EVOO in the iron tagine bottom over medium-high
heat,  brown both sides and edges of the roast well, using large tongs to handle it

4.  Set the roast aside, add 1/3 cup of the stock and,
using a plastic spatula, loosen the residue
that formed on the tagine bottom while the roast was browned

5.  Return the roast to the tagine bottom and add the
veggies along the sides (hold the asparagus until the
last 30 minutes)

6.  Spread the pureed garlic on top of the roast along with a few of the onions

7.  Add the spices and the rest of the stock (braising liquid) and BTB

8.  When at boiling point, reduce the heat to the lowest simmer setting

9.  Place the cover on the tagine

10.  Braise the roast on the stovetop for about 2 hours or until very well done (195F+)

11.  Cut the meat in the tagine and serve with the veggies and sauce

Notes:  a) If the roasts at the counter are too large, cut one in half and package them separately.  b) All manner of veggies can be used for this dish.  Try eggplant, green beans, zuchs, broccoli, sweet potato, whatever.  Soft veggies should be added midway through the cooking process.  c) There will be a little sputtering of braising liquid around the seal as the tagine simmers.

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