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Knowledgably Inventive Spice Blends

A selection of LaBoite spice blends

I chanced upon LaBoite’s website and got a couple jars of their spice blends out of curiosity since I don’t need more spices. Their selections come with exotic, though not helpful, names such as Shabazi, Safrito, Marrakesh and Oz. But thankfully, each label lists ingredients and suggested uses. For Shabazi its “A Yemenite blend of green chilies, cilantro and garlic for fish, sauces and condiments.” I tried them and found each blend to be extraordinary in spice quality, cut, blending and application.

So, I bought more but only after I figured out how better to use them. Here’s the operational sequence:
1. Decide what’s for dinner and what you want to spice up–let’s say Wok-Stir-Fried Thinly Sliced Medallions of Boneless Pork Chop.
2. Only then, with the pork firmly in mind–go to your spice blends and start opening candidate jars.
3. Now, even more focused on pork, take a deep sniff of each blend (forget the labels).
4. Select the blend that pops out and pairs with the pork you have in mind.
5. Go with it–YOUR NOSE KNOWS–guaranteed.

LaBoite’s blends go for about $15 a jar at www.laboiteny.com

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