A Very Functional Roasting Rack Comes In Two Sizes

The Cuisipro people have come out with a roasting rack that does tricks. 
It is hinged with a removable pin.  Empty, it is high in the center
so, when loaded with a bird or large roast, the arms close in to hold it. 
But if, for example, you wish to wrap the outside of a turkey with cheese
cloth and then brush on melted butter, the arms can be held open so you
can work around the bird.  It has handles to facilitate lifting. 
Once lifted out of the roasting pan and placed on a serving plate, the
hinge pin can be removed and the arms will fall away. Neato! 

But wait, there’s more:  When finished with the rack, the arms
can be folded together and the hinge pin reinstalled to store the rack
in half of the space it takes when the arms are open and opposed. 
It fits a 16″X13″ roasting pan.  The Little Woman placed a 22 pound
turkey in the rack and it looked like it could hold a 24-26 pound bird.
It is not surprising that the rack was the winner of a 2006 Houseware’s
Design Award.  About $20 at most kitchen shops.

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