Appetizer and Light Fare Recipes

James Beard’s Cole Slaw

This recipe appears in Beard’s Treasury
of Outdoor Cooking
. This is a beautiful, artsy book with wonderful
photographs of food art and scenery. The 1960 first edition is recognized
by book collectors. This recipe calls for the use of a double boiler
to make a roux. Not many references to double boilers these days. But
if you have one use it. Otherwise make the roux over low heat. It also
calls for eggs. With stick and standing blenders at the ready today,
a lumpy roux or a slightly cuddled egg mixture can be corrected without
the emotion that attended such problems 50 years ago. This is a good
vinegar cole slaw in a thickened tasty base.

See Abbreviations, if needed

• 2 heads white and ½ head purple cabbage, shredded (2
lbs) (See note)

• 4T butter

• 2T AP flour

• ½ C water

• 2 eggs

• 6T sugar

• 1t+ Coleman’s dry mustard

• 1t salt

• 2t white pepper powder

• ½ C white wine vinegar

1. Melt butter in double boiler, add flour and make a white roux

2. Add the water, then stir, cook smooth and remove from heat

3. In a bowl: whisk eggs, sugar, mustard, S/P

4. Pour into the hot roux mixture over this, stir and smooth

5. Empty bowl into the double boiler, stir and cook to thicken

6. At the moment it is thick, remove from heat and add the vinegar

7. Blends smooth with a stick blender

8. Pour cooled dressing over cabbage and toss

Note: Cabbage is cheap. Buy two heads and discard the hard and white
centers in favor of the green and more tender leaves. A food processor
with a 1 mm blade cuts the cabbage nicely.

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