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Cheese Bread For Toast  (revised 6/07)

This is one of my signature recipes.  I have worked on it and baked it for years.  The addition of pepper and hot sauce gives the bread a distinct aroma out of the toaster as well as a sharp taste.  Adding a hard cereal
gives it a nice crunchiness, if you like.  The Little Woman loves this bread and gets after me if we don’t have it every quarter or so.  It toasts to a golden brown and tastes great with eggs for breakfast.  Add butter
or honey, if you like.    House guests are delighted with this unusual breakfast toast.  But only serve it to guests mid visit.  It has been known to
delay departure plans.  Un toasted, this bread goes well with chili and Mexican dishes.  It freezes well. 


Yield:  2 loaves

See Abbreviations, if needed

·   2.75 t     yeast 

·   ½ C       Grape Nuts (break into smaller nuggets in a food processor (Cuisinart)) 

·   ½ C       corn meal (or 1C corn meal if you wish to delete crunchy cereal) 

·   8           grinds of fresh pepper

·   2 t         salt

·   2.5 T     melted butter

·   2 T       sugar

·   8          drops hot sauce (Tennessee Sunshine, Cholula or Tabasco)

·   2          eggs (ambient)

·   4 oz      grated sharp cheddar cheese

·   5 C      AP flour (25 oz)

·   1.5      C water, chilled

1.   Start yeast in a beaker with 2oz very warm tap water
(115F) and a pinch of sugar

2.   Mix 12 grain, cornmeal, S/P and set aside

3.   Place butter, sugar in KAB and mix with mixer blade. 
Add hot sauce

4.   Add yeast mixture

5.   Add cornmeal mixture 

6.   Add eggs seriatim and then cheese

7.   Add water and flour alternately to achieve clean bowl

8.   Replace mixer blade with dough hook and knead at low
speed for about 8 minutes

9.   Turn out on table, knead briefly by hand and form into
large ball

10.  Place in oiled bowl, cover with towels, for first rising
(at least an hour)

11.  Knock down, cut into 2 equally weighted halves

12.  Shape and place in two greased 9X5-inch bread pans, and cover
with towels

13.  Second rising  (at least another hour)

14.  Preheat oven to 375F

15.  Slash loaves and bake at 375F for about 40 minutes

Note:  This dough is heavy (about 52 oz) and takes time to rise. 
Wait it out!

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