Kitchen Torch by Iwatani

A kitchen blow torch is hardly a must have, but it’s a quick way to brown and make brittle sugar atop of custards and tarts–creme brulee, of course. This torch is made by the same people that make the butane burner I use for Shabu Shabu (see recipes and tools). It uses the same butane bottle too, which is why I bought it. Specifically, I wanted the torch to melt the cheese topping on a new recipe for Crab Dip, which I intended to post today.
Well, I made the dish last night and it was not good and not worthy of a post. Mostly because the whole of idea is flawed, that is, making a dip with a rich sauce for a rich shell fish is—too heavy–too rich. So, it made an OK dinner over toast with a white wine, but the leftovers went down the disposal. Expensive experience . . . but now we know.

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