This kitchen gadget has been around since 1962, yet I had not heard
of it until reading Modernist Cuisine (see below). The Jaccard has 48
sharp daggers embedded in a rugged moveable spring loaded block that
can be plunged into a meat product. It is said to tenderize, facilitate
marination and reduce cooking time. Neato. About $30.

The surface of the meat should be wiped clean to minimize the risk
of driving surface bacteria into the meat center. Some folks condemn
the Jaccard on this basis, forgetting that all ground meat and forcemeats
(hot dogs, sausage, etc.) have surface meat mixed into center meat.
Still, clean the meat and keep the tool clean, as well, (easier said
than done, perhaps).

I tried it on some pork ribs last week, but could not tell the difference.
A better test will be on a flank steak or pot roast, where using the
Jaccard could be followed by marination.

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