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Seared Potato Footballs or Pommes de Terre Rissolees

When doing a stagiaire at The George Town Club one afternoon, I prepared a batch of pommes de terrre rissolee.  The chef placed two “football potatoes” on each entree plate as an amuse-bouche, to the delight of the club dinners.

The French classic sauteed/roasted potato dish called Pommes de Terre Rissolees calls for small potatoes carved into small six-sided footballs, all the same size regardless of the potato you start out with. That takes practice.  Use a sharp paring knife.  Carve each one and drop it in a bowl of water to prevent discoloration.  When ready, dry the potatoes, sautĂ© them in a hot pan with butter, salt and pepper.  They must be tossed and well browned to perfection on all sides. You’ll need tongs. When browned, add a little more butter and some herbs to the pan and then place it in a 375F oven to roast the potatoes until they are fork tender, maybe another ten minutes. 

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