Sauce Recipes

Starting a Pan Sauce

Here’s a seasoned 7 pound, seven bone veal hotel rack (I completely forgot to french the bones—dah), about to be placed in a 375F oven.
Roasting time for veal is about 12 minutes a pound.  If you wish to make a pan sauce when roasting something lean like veal, start by oiling the roasting pan liberally with EVOO.  Then add some onions, carrots, maybe some celery, pepper corns and a few bay leaves (no salt).  The oil will discourage burning up the drippings.  The veggies and seasoning will add flavor to the whole mess.  Half way through the roasting process–about 40 minutes in this instance–add about 1.5 cups of chicken stock or broth.  When the roast is done (about 130F in the center) and removed to a warm place to rest, gather up and discard the carrots, celery and bay leaves (fish out the pepper corns too, if you have the patience).

Then scrape and loosen up all the brown spots in the roasting pan and pour
the pan liquid and onions into a small sauté pan, using a spatula to get every drop.  Add a teaspoon of arrowroot, another cup of stock and then use a stick blender to break up the onions and smooth out the sauce.  (If you don’t have a stick blender use your bowl blender as an added step).  BTB in the sauté pan for a minute or two to thicken and then taste for salt.  You should now have a nice pan sauce ready to pour into your heated sauce boat.

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