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Stick Blenders

I know.  You probably have a Cuisinart, a hand mixer, a whisk and maybe
even a blender, ricer or food mill.  Why then another gadget to puree
product?   Well, stick blenders (also known as hand or immersion
blenders) are compact, portable,  quick to use and clean.  They
work inside a small container to make an instant emulsification of vinaigrette or to whip cream.  And—this is why I have one—inside a pot to puree a too-thick soup or sauce without having to pour the hot mess into a blender and puree in batches (Note: Both methods require caution. When using a blender with hot product, always drape a towel over the top in case the lid blows off.  When using a stick blender, keep the pot at arms length
and the whirling blade angled away and below the surface of the product.) 

This style blender is quite new.  The best home unit runs about $100 and is Swiss-made by Pro-Ver.  It comes with three blade attachments. I would not buy a cheaper version.  Williams Sonoma has one under its own name.  Sur La Table carries a different version of what appears to be the same unit.  If your whisking prowess is diminishing with age, your Cuisinart is buried in the pantry, or you want to give a grandchild a culinary tool that’s “cool,” this tool is worthwhile.

Here is a green salsa made quick and neat with a stick blender. 
Please refer to abreviations, if needed.


·  6       tomatillos, husked and washed

·  1-2    chilies (2 serranos, or 1 jalapeno) (wear gloves)

·  6       cilantro stems, leaves only 

·  2 oz   water

·  ¼ C   finely chopped white onion

·  ¼ t     salt, to taste

1.  Roast tomatillos and chilies.  Cool, save the juice, remove seeds from chilies 

2.  Place tomatillos and chilies in a tall container

3.  Add cilantro and water

4.  Option:  Add a sliced avocado

5.  Blend to course puree with stick blender

6.  Rinse and dry chopped onion and stir into puree

7.  Add salt to taste

8.  Serve ambient as a dip or as a wrapper spread, or heat and serve as a sauce w/ pork

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