A Very Good Kitchen Gadget

WMF, a German food service equipment manufacturer of all things
from cutlery, glassware and kitchen gadgets to coffee brewers
and pressure cookers, has been in business since 1853. I don’t
know if they invented the “ball whisk,” but they sure
make a good one. Two sizes: eight and twelve inches at Sur la
Table for $20 and $25, respectively–pricey but worth it if you
use a whisk now and then. These whisks will do what the basket
wire whisks have been doing since Julia Childs rode a tricycle,
except they don’t get clogged up and are easy to clean. Try these
on waffle batter, risotto, egg mixtures and vinaigrettes. Since
the handles are smooth, they should roll nicely between the palms
to make whipped cream (though I now use a
stick blender
for that). Wire whisks are such a hassle to
unclog and to clean that you will seek opportunities to use a
ball whisk.

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