Who Knew?

I have a taco salad maybe twice a month. And of course, I make it with iceberg lettuce. Never seen a recipe that called for any other kind. So, I sliced some shallots and cherry tomatoes, shredded the cheddar and then reached into the fridge only to discover that there was no iceberg lettuce hiding under the spring mix I’d bought a couple days back.

So, without recourse, I had to use the spring mix. With everything else in a glass mixing bowl and topped with a taco spice mix, I tossed the whole mess. and set off to sauté the diced ground beef, which was also seasoned with the taco spice mix. Tossed it again with the drained beef and dumped it into a heated pasta plate filled with a layer of crisp and warm Tostitos Scoops. Topped that with more shredded cheese and added a side of salsa verde.

It was great!

Go iceberg lettuce for this dish, but mixed greens will do.

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