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Quick Chix Tagine

Costco is selling imported Indian vegetarian side dishes that are quite tasty

and also work well as cooking sauces.  Pictured is

the Madras Lentil selection with tomato, red beans,onions,chilies

and lentils in a thick sauce, all in a boil-and-serve pouch.

Try ’em.

Our tagine has been gathering dust atop

the fridge for a couple months, so it was time to use it for a quick dinner.

Here’s the dish:

1.  Take the skin off of six chicken thighs, rub them with salt

and pepper, and brown them in a couple tablespoons of peanut or grapeseed

oil in the cast iron tagine bottom. (Don’t do this in a clay-bottom tagine.

If you have one of those, sauté the chicken separately.)

2.  Remove the thighs, carefully drain off the browning oil and

then return the thighs to the hot tagine bottom.

3.  Halve about eight small red potatoes and place them around

the thighs.

4.  Pour a pouch of the Indian veggie sauce over the thighs and


5.  Add about a half cup of low salt chicken broth (not too much

or the tagine will spurt all over the stove top, while cooking).

6.  Set the burner to simmer, put the top on the tagine bottom

and set the timer for 50 minutes.

7.  At the 30 minute mark, lift the top and add some asparagus,

as shown.

8.  When done, serve in heated shallow soup plates.

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