Fish Recipes

Salmon Filet in Beer

Fresh farm raised salmon filets are not all that expensive, especially
if you find them in a big box grocery outlet. Whenever I go to
Costco, I get a nice medium sized salmon filet for about $18US.
Eating alone, I saute a third of it in EVOO and serve it with
clarified butter infused with a few washed capors, maybe. The
next morning, I smoke another third of it with the stove
top smoker
using alder and apple wood chips for crackers as
an appetizer or for a salsa as a salad.

But how to reprise the final third of the salmon fillet? Easy!
Poach it in beer. Fill a saute pan with two bottles of a good
hearty beer and poach the salmon filet until done–about two minutes
a side. (Carbonated beer wants to foam up and boil over, so watch
for that.) Then remove it to a heated plate and season it with
salt and pepper. I had the fish with French fried sweet potatoes,
made by the Alexis people and a ginger wasabi sauce out of a bottle
from somewhere in the fridge. Quick, simple, delicious.

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