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Sautéed Duck Breast with Green Pepper Sauce and Wild Rice Pilaf

Bonelessduck breast halves are available in high-end markets.  Theyare easy to prepare and they make a grand occasion whenever served. One side is lean meat and the other is skin and heavy with fat, so you start with that!  Score the skin and fat in a crosshatch pattern with a sharp knife but don’t cut so deep as to score the duck meat. Salt and pepper both sides of the duck and set aside.

When all else to be served with the duck is ready, fire a heavy skillet to medium hot and pop in the duck, skin side down. The fat will begin to render quickly but there is a lot of it so it will take about five minutes before it really starts to melt off.  Then adjust the heat downward and simmer for another five minutes.  Then lift up the breast and take a peek.

The cross hatch cuts should be getting shallow and the skin shouldbe turning brown.  Continue to simmer and peek another five to ten minutes until the skin is golden brown and crispy with only a little fat under it. (Control the heat so it doesn’t burn in the process.)

Remove the duck from the pan and carefully pour off the hot oil leaving enough to cover the bottom of the pan (2 or 3 tablespoons). Re fire the pan to medium.  Return the duck to the pan, meat side down, and sauté until its medium rare (125F). This may take anywhere from two to five minutes depending how far through the meat cooked on the first go. Remove the duck to the warm place and let rest before slicing and serving on heated plates.

From start to finish, you have sautéed duck breast in 25 minutes.

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