Staub’s ‘Perfect Pan’

Ain’t nothing perfect in the culinary tool world, but Staub has a contender with this large, beautiful, heavy (7 Lbs.), cast iron enameled pan. It has a flat bottom exterior, a high-sided round interior and side handles for lifting but no center handle for tossing (too heavy for that anyway). So, I would describe it as a ‘stationary wok’ that sits on the burner or goes in the oven. At 12 inches across and holding 4 quarts, it’s a very large pan or a medium size wok. Heavy and stable, it’s unmoved against the most vigorous stirring of large portions. While I have the finest Chinese wok money can buy ($12.80) and use it a lot for very high heat quick toss and stir, I like this pan because it’s cast iron, non-stick, high-sided, versatile and reeks of quality. It comes with a glass lid and a half-circle wire rack, which are of no use to me. About $190 depending on color.

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