The Smoking Gun

As a useful kitchen gadget this device does not rise to the practical level of the ball whisks, described below. Not even close. But if you like smoked food, here’s a tool that infuses meats, poultry, veggies, cocktails and ice cream with smoky flavors without using a Camerons Stove Top smoker, a Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker or your outdoor
. Two or three minutes is all it takes.


Simply fill the pipe hole on top with finely chopped wood chips from PolyScience or Camerons (apple, cherry, mesquite, etc.), light it with a match, pull the trigger and stuff the hose into a pot or pan and cover it. A small battery powered fan in the tool draws the smoke from the bottom of the pipe into the hose and out the end to the pot. The tool is made by the same people that make the sous vide circulator.

It first gained popularity in fancy restaurants, where chefs used it to enhance the presentation of a finished dish with a hint of smoke under a domed plate cover to amaze the diner as the waiter popped the dome at the table.

I’ve smoked a couple of burgers and some sauteed asparagus with it, so far. It works! Quite well, in fact. About $100US at Williams-Sonoma and other shops.

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