Waited Eight Months for my Saji Gyutou

I have a thing about fine knives. I bought my first hand made knife in 1948 while in the eighth grade and have been at it ever since. I’ve passed off a few jack knives and kitchen knives to family to make room for new ones. A few years ago I found a knife maker in Japan that makes knives much to my liking. Saji Takeshi’s knives are just the right weight and balance for my hand, the bone handles are beautiful and promote a firm and proper grip while the Damascus steel is striking in appearance. Over all, outrageous quality knives–my favorites. The center knife is the new one. The top knife, is a slicer for bread, ham and especially to skin salmon, sword fish and red snapper. The new one in the middle is a chef’s knife for all day large tasks, the smaller utility knife is for everything else. My seller is, whom I’ve traded with for years. Price of a these Saji knives: $575, $465 and $350. They’re scarce, others like them too.

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